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Welcome to the World of Natural Medicine

Welcome to the world of natural medicine. A place where the underlying philosophy is to treat disease by first uncovering the underlying cause(s), treat the whole person, not just an organ or a symptom, and use the powers of nature to help one rid themselves of disease. It is the oldest form of medicine, most commonly used before the advent of prescription medication. Now however, there is a resurgence in the interest and desire to seek out a licensed naturopathic physician due to the dissatisfaction and rising cost of the status quo. 

We are currently licensed in 18 out of 50 states. Being licensed in Hawaii, offers a wonderful healing backdrop surrounded by our clean air, comfortable temperature, ocean water, tropical forest, and a plethora of fresh food grown right here in Kohala.

As a naturopathic physician, we have many wonderful gifts from nature to help you feel your best. These include food as medicine, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, IV medicine, hydrotherapy, physical manipulation, along with our own medicinary filled with high quality herbs, vitamins, minerals, and food based supplementation, many of which are created by doctors for doctors to prescribe to others. 

Dr. Ardolf, ND is passionate about natural medicine. Everyday she and her staff has the opportunity to see the powers of natural medicine changing illness to wellness. She has discovered with her years in practice that there is very little natural medicine can’t treat. She believes no one should live without hope of a better life. No one needs to suffer. 

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Improving Your Health and Well Being with Effective Treatments


If you suffer from allergies, it’s probably safe to say, you’ve tried it all, from supplements to prescription drugs, nebulizers to inhalers. We also can guarantee you still have allergies or worsening asthma attacks, along with a few other health issues. Traditional standard treatments, do not improve your overall health, and instead serve to momentarily minimize symptoms. At Dr. Ardolf, ND & Associates, LLC we treat the underlying condition(s) known to cause the allergic reactions and in the process improve the health and vitality of your immune system. You will breathe easy and without fear.

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It’s the latest buzz word with centers opening everywhere. However, most treatments focus on the exterior, so you may look younger, momentarily, but do you really FEEL younger? Here we focus on all of you. We will optimize all bodily systems. Provide medicine for any organs of the body including your brain in need of optimization. Feeling forgetful? No worries, in 3-5 days of treatment, you will be noticeably sharper. Stiff and creaky? We can take care of that too…without surgery.

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Auto-Immune Diseases

This word in most medical arenas means the immune system is attacking itself. Here at Dr. Ardolf, ND & Associates, LLC we believe it is attacking an infection or irritant not yet identified. Why? because if we prescribe an oxidative treatment known to be effective on bacterial, viral, or fungal infections, the symptoms go away and the patient has their life back.

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Cardiovascular Disease

The word is really made up of 2 words, “cardio” meaning heart and “vascular” meaning the circulatory system. Most commonly, if you go to the Doctor and you are diagnosed with hypertension, it is the fault of the heart. Here at Dr. Ardolf, ND & Associates, LLC there is a yet unidentified reason for the heart needing to pump with increased pressure. It is our job to find the underlying cause and to treat accordingly often the cause is in the circulation. By doing so, the risk of a heart attack, stroke, or any other cardiovascular event is greatly minimized.

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Men’s Health

All too often in my office, men are misdiagnosed and treated with something they never had. For example, prostate cancer is often diagnosed instead of prostatitis. This is extremely unfortunate for the patient as they need to endure many invasive, destructive, and unnecessary procedures. Natural medicine has so much to offer individuals desiring a second opinion or a more natural approach to the diseases of the genitourinary tract. From hemorrhoids, to BPH, to erectile dysfunction, we can help to alleviate all.
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Naturopathic treatments can help restore the immune system to serve as protector of the individual’s overall health. Whether you choose a combination of traditional cancer treatment protocols or desire only a natural treatment approach, we are here to help.

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Women’s Health

It takes a woman to understand a woman. Phew! Our hormones are complex and cause a myriad of symptoms both physical and emotional. Need help with painful menses? Causing migraines? Depression? Menopause? Causing Hot flashes? Irritation? Rage? Want to get pregnant but can’t? We have you covered throughout all the stages of our lives.

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