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Athletes Injuries and Disease

Physiological and structural demands on the athletic body are exceedingly high. Athletes themselves often do not realize the amount of stress placed on the body and how this type of stress can lead to injury and disease even though it is perceived as fun, enjoyable, and invigorating.

Did I say disease? …In an athlete? Aren’t they the epitomy of ultimate health?

Unfortunately, health issues do not have a preference. They can strike the young, the old, the sedentary and even Olympic athletes.  Gail Devers was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, tennis player Novak Djokovic suffered from Celiac Disease, and many others suffered with heart or neurological conditions. Too many athletes have suffered from a heart attack, while other symptoms are incorrectly diagnosed as disease when they are really benign conditions causing variances in organ structure, called Athlete Heart syndrome. Athletes walk a fine line between peak performance and injury/illness.

Dr. Ardolf, ND is well versed in athletic performance, human physiology as well as a plethora of natural treatment approaches. She knows just what an athlete’s body needs for every stage of their career. From training to peak performance, to injury prevention, she has you covered. In naturopathic medicine, we aim for prevention of disease. However, if injury or illness strikes, we can help speed healing and prevent re-occurrence. Once a full consult is obtained, Dr. Ardolf, ND will provide you with her recommendations on how you can achieve and maintain an optimal state of health. She will provide you with a list of foods which serve as medicine and can prescribe herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, IV medicine, homeopathy, ultrasound or sine wave treatments instead of prescription or over the counter medications. Natural medicine will help keep you healthy and injury free.

Auto-Immune / Chronic Disease

Auto-immune disease means the immune system has started to attack itself. Something had to cause this to happen. Traditionally, the doctors don’t think about this, they just begin to prescribe a medication to suppress the immune system. As a result, your body has been left vulnerable. Without a functioning immune system, another disease can begin to rear its ugly head. You become debilitated and feel horrible most, if not all the time.

Can anything seem more terrible and more debilitating than living with a chronic disease? You go from one doctor to another when you soon realize, none of them have anything to help you get better. As time goes on, you become more debilitated, with less days of normalcy. Some Doctors cannot even find anything wrong!

Where Do You Go for Help?

Naturopathic medicine does not treat the disease, it treats the person. By taking a detailed history, Dr. Ardolf, ND can find the underlying, often hidden, cause. Something has had to happen to cause this slow but debilitating and often painful condition to occur. Dr. Ardolf, ND will work hard to find the hidden cause. Through her unique training, she knows of specialized testing which may uncover the culprit and a place from which you can begin to get well. She also has a wide variety of unique treatment approaches to help turn your condition around.

Chronic diseases are one of Dr. Ardolf, ND’s specialites. Her 9 year training with an Immunologist coupled with her medical training in natural versus pharmaceutical treatment approaches helps set you free of disease.