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Is  an ancient treatment first utilized in the 1600s but today feels much like a spa like treatment, yet with powerful medicinal benefits. The treatment allows you to lie on a massage table while heated or chilled towels are applied to your chest and back. Water has the capacity to gather, absorb, and transmit heat and cold. Skin is also a great absorptive surface which can conduct information to the nervous system. The net result of the treatment on the body is the improvement in circulation, immune health, balancing of the nervous system, and decreasing liver congestion. Unlike in the 1800’s when this treatment was most commonly utilized daily on an inpatient basis,  it is now only offered as an outpatient treatment.  Many naturopathic physicians no longer offer this treatment. Here at Dr. Ardolf & Associates, we continue to value the effectiveness of this treatment to rid one of disease. Lung conditions such as pneumonia, COPD, asthma, bronchitis are very responsive to this treatment in a short period of time. This treatment may also be prescribed for digestive conditions such as constipation, gastroenteritis, Irritable Bowel, and Ulcerative Colitis. Circulatory conditions also greatly benefit from this treatment. If you suffer from a condition that is not responding to treatments offered to you thus far, or have an acute but debilitating condition, give us a call at (808) 498-4018 to schedule an appointment for you to experience the wonderful world of natural medicine. It’s great for the young and the feeling old.


Healing with medicinal plants is as old as mankind. There is ample evidence from written documents, preserved monuments, and original plant medicine healers which has passed upon their knowledge and skill from generation to generation. The oldest written evidence of medicinal plants’ usage has been found on a Sumarian clay slab in Nagpur. It is estimated to be 5,000 years old. It includes the use of over 350 plants to treat the main health conditions at that time. Warp speed to the 1900’s, where Departments of  Pharmacology were the rule in schools of pharmacy. Pharmacists to be would be expected to know how to identify and to prepare i.e., compound plants for specific ailments. In the past 150 years, this knowledge has been limited to herbalist or naturopathic physicians. To guide us all is the monographs of each plant found in the European Pharmacopoeia. A PDR of herbs and their constituents, actions, and interactions.  A  wonderful resource for prescribers of herbal medicine.

Here at Dr. Ardolf and Associates, ND we have in our office a large herbal medicinally of dried, liquid, and homeopathic distilled and titrated solutions to prescribe to our patients. With such a wide selection, we can formulate a liquid medicine, i.e., tincture to your exact needs and for nearly every condition. Many patients have difficulty swallowing pills so this formulation is of great benefit to them. You maybe a candidate to receive the powerful benefits of this medicine. Please call to schedule an appointment to get you on the road to a healthier version of you.



Would you believe the hyperbaric chamber was first utilized in the 1600’s by Dr. Henshaw. Early on, physicians saw the medical benefits to exposing the body to higher atmospheric pressures, especially to pulmonary and respiratory diseases. Many physicians also documented the improvement to patients mental health too. Over time the scope of what can be treated has expanded to include memory loss, neurological conditions, circulatory disorders, infections, immune disorders, and even post stroke in both low and high pressure chambers. Due to the oxygen concentration gradient difference the tissues of the body are flooded with oxygen without needing to attach to red blood cells.  All is accomplished while laying down and resting. The treatment is naturally very relaxing allowing more healing to take place.

Here at Dr. Ardolf & Associates, LLC we offer a (soft) low pressure chamber which has the highest safety record, providing highly purified compressed air to all of you.  Treatments usually start with a 30 minute session and can be prescribed, based on your condition(s) up to 90 minute sessions daily.


IV means intraveneous. Intravenous means medicine is delivered through the vein. In the natural world that medicine is often vitamins and minerals but can be other naturally occurring molecules such as amino acids or alpha lipoic acid known to be effective for treating certain diseases. IV medicine is a great avenue for those that have suffered from malnutrition, gastroenteritis, chronic diarrhea, or other diseases where the digestive tract is too compromised to receive adequate nutrition to sustain life.  It is also invaluable for people who suffer from cancer assisting with recovery and reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.


Ozone is 03 not 02. It is a highly reactive substance know to be effective at killing many infectious organisms such as viruses, bacteria, parasites fungi, etc. It can be administered topically for ulcers or skin infections which do not seem to heal or through the vein as an IV medicine. The technique used here is called ‘Major Autoheme.” It is an old technique originating in Europe, specifically Germany, before being utilized by a few physicians in the US. It was slow to receive acceptance in the US by our governing bodies which is unfortunate due to its potential to reverse many deadly diseases. The secret many physicians fail to realize is the treatment like an antibiotic, must be  administered daily  for the treatment to effectively eradicate an invading organism.  The entire treatment requires a half hour of your time. In less than a week, you can begin to feel a positive change in your condition.


We think of ultrasound as a diagnostic tool to obtain images from inside the body out to a computer screen to see a baby, the heart, even the integrity of suspicious lumps but ultrasound can also be used as a treatment modality to repair scar tissue after a major surgery which presents itself as limited range of motion and therefore pain of the joint. It is also highly effective for chronic continuous injury over time to a muscle group. It is another painless treatment modality that most patients feel and see an improvement in their flexibility after the first treatment! Once again, this is a treatment modality few other naturopathic physicians utilize but due to Dr. Ardolf’s  experiences as an athlete herself and the years she spent working at The Queen’s Medical Center she saw the need to treat this population of patients who seemed stuck with their debilitated state. If you are limited in your own body, we may have some liberating treatment options for you. 808 498-4018