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Welcome to the World of Natural Medicine

Welcome to the world of natural medicine. A place where the underlying philosophy is to treat disease by first uncovering the underlying cause(s), treat the whole person, not just an organ or a symptom, and use the powers of nature to help one rid themselves of disease. It is the oldest form of medicine, most commonly used before the advent of prescription medication. Now however, there is a resurgence in the interest and desire to seek out a licensed naturopathic physician due to the dissatisfaction and rising cost of the status quo. 

We are currently licensed in 18 out of 50 states. Being licensed in Hawaii, offers a wonderful healing backdrop surrounded by our clean air, comfortable temperature, ocean water, tropical forest, and a plethora of fresh food grown right here in Kohala.

As a naturopathic physician, we have many wonderful gifts from nature to help you feel your best. These include food as medicine, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, IV medicine, hydrotherapy, physical manipulation, along with our own medicinary filled with high quality herbs, vitamins, minerals, and food based supplementation, many of which are created by doctors for doctors to prescribe to others. 

Dr. Ardolf, ND is passionate about natural medicine. Everyday she and her staff has the opportunity to see the powers of natural medicine changing illness to wellness. She has discovered with her years in practice that there is very little natural medicine can’t treat. She believes no one should live without hope of a better life. No one needs to suffer. 

Dr. Ardolf, ND & Associates offers free 15 minute consults designed to answer the question, can my condition be treated through natural medicine, and if so how? If you are ready to get started, call (808) 498-4018

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Improving Your Health and Well Being with Effective Treatments


Our treatments free clients from addictions and restore their health with a minimum of 7 to 15 days of specially formulated IV medicine provided in an outpatient setting.

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We work to eradicate the underlying infection(s) causing the allergic reactions and re-regulate the system so clients can be free of disease and live a healthy life.

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Naturopathic medicine can reverse the disease process by bringing the blood sugar levels back to the normal range without the need for medication.

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Cardiovascular Disease

We treat the underlying cause of the disease.  If medication is still needed, there are many natural alternatives in botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, IV therapy, and vitamin/mineral supplementation that do not carry any of the side effects of prescribed pharmaceuticals.

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Pediatric Medicine

Dr. Ardolf, ND with her Master’s Degree in Speech-language Pathology from University of Northern Colorado and her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine is especially qualified and knowledgeable in assisting with developmental or health concerns your child may have. She specializes in autism and learning disabilities.

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Naturopathic treatments can help restore the immune system to serve as protector of the individual’s overall health. Whether you choose a combination of traditional cancer treatment protocols or desire only a natural treatment approach, we are here to help.

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Women’s Health

Dr. Ardolf, ND & Associates goal is to empower women to be their best example of health and wellness.  We provide a range of natural highly effective treatments for the spectrum of women’s health needs.

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